Back to School– for less $$$

Those of you in the IN area… I have a couple of back to school deals I found at my favorite place on Earth. Wal Mart. Sense the sarcasm. I hate that place with a passion, but continue to go back for deals.
$1- 10 fine tip Crayola markers, 10 wide tip Crayola markers, 2 pk. Sharpie markers, 10 Crayola colored pencils, select packages of pens/pencils.
25¢- 24 pk. Crayola crayons, Single Elmer’s squeezable school glue, 2 pk. Elmer’s glue sticks, plastic rulers, single subject notebooks.
15¢- Folders!

Other things that were cheap, but I didn’t get the exact price: Briteliner highlighters, super sticky post-its, poly folders, loose leaf notebook paper, and select packages of Papermate pens (under $1 I believe!)

On to Target, they have a lot of the same items too. However, I have only seen Rose Art supplies near Wal Mart’s prices (Not Crayola!). Target has Bic Cristal pens for 60¢ a package this week! Pair with the coupon on
Go to the lower left-hand corner and click on coupons, then go to the school supplies category. The coupon you are looking for is $1/2 Bic stationery items. If you use this coupon, you will only pay 10¢ per pack of 10 pens! That’s on 1¢ per pen!
I will keep my eye out for more deals.
Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular!

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