I just got paid to shop at Payless (Kroger)

Okay, this one is even better than yesterday’s deal! I actually got paid to shop at Payless today. Attached you will see my receipt, and $5 Catalina (Register Reward), and a photo of my pile of stuff!
The coupons I used were $1/1 Philadelphia Cream cheese
$1.99 (free item for Activia)
55¢ off Horizon organic milk

Here’s what I got:
3 bricks of cream cheese $1.49 each
2 tubs of cream cheese $1.49 each
3 sets of foil pans $1 each
1 Horizon Organic Milk $2.49
1 Activia Yogurt $1.99
Total (sale price) $14.93 (plus tax)
After coupons $7.39
$5 off mega deal @ Payless (Kroger)
$2.39 total (plus tax)
WAIT….. It gets BETTER!! I got a $5 Catalina coupon (or register reward). I got paid approximately $3 for my shopping trip, and FREE items!

Horizon coupon printed from Horizon Organic’s website (must sign up)

Philadelphia coupons (multiple computers required) prints from real housewives of Philadelphia site (must sign up, then confirm link in your email) Link attached below to their site!
After you sign up, log out then log back in. You will see a link on the lower right side of the page. Each computer can print 2 copies!
This makes me one step closer to being a stay at home Mommy =)


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  1. Ravyn Said:

    That’s so amazing! There was a lady on the Today show last year that got paid like $100 to shop at her grocery store. Craziness!

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