Target Deals this week! 7/25

Thought I would share a few Target deals I found today! **I suggest you print these coupons ASAP before they reach the max print limits for the promotion… Target coupons as good as these go very fast!

Bagel Bites- 24¢ yep, that’s right less than a quarter!! How?
Print the coupon at their site: $1/1
Then print the coupon at $1/1
**Each computer can print 2!

Chef Boyardee- FREE!! Yep, FREE! How?
Print $1/1 coupon at! They are only 92¢ so Target will adjust the coupon down!

Simply Juice, Raspberry lemonade, apple juice, or simply (plain) lemonade- $1.09 How?
Use $1/1 coupon at

KidCuisines 75¢ each!! These are normally $2.59+ How?
They are on sale for $1.75 @ Target… use a $1/1 coupon found at

Airwick 2 pack refills- $2.54 (1 pk is $2.99!) How?
Use $1/1 coupon from last week’s paper, or purchase them at
AND $1/1 coupon at

Also, BIC pens are on sale for $1, and there is a $1/1 coupon at which makes them FREE!!


  1. Ravyn Said:

    Seriously … Keep this up, and you’re going to be the most popular blog around!!

  2. I LOVE cheese bagel bites.. so I am getting the other computer fired up to print more! Prob won’t be the ‘most’ popular.. lol only if someone wants to save money! I’m working on the formatting thing still… not my specialty!

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