Random thoughts for today. No deals.

Ok, so here I am watching Teen Mom. I’m SO glad I don’t have 1/1000th that much drama in my life. It’s funny to look at young idiots. Sorry, but that’s what they are. Oh, and that makes me one too since I’m watching this SMUT. On top of that, think about those poor babies who have to deal with such un-qualified parents. Ok, enough about that and on to my personal complaint of the day.

A million miles later, I went to Richmond and back for a group meeting today after work. Left A Town at 1:30 and got back about 6:30. Thanks to Addy’s Nana for picking her up from daycare for me and watching her until I could get home!

I didn’t get my evening snuggle with Princess Addy tonight because she fell asleep on my legs around 8. She must have been tired, she never goes to bed before 9.

These last 2 weeks of Summer classes are going to push me over the edge I have a feeling.. A huge project due in under 2 weeks (70 page business analysis), a paper, and the finished project of a business plan for the business I hope to launch next Summer! So, if you know any high school seniors looking for photos cheap, send them my way! It’s more of a hobby than a money-maker at this point although my eventual thoughts include staying at home and working part-time from home. If my sales go as planned that should take no time at all!

That’s it. Feel free to add your thoughts :o)



  1. Annie Frazier Said:

    I do not have a senior, but do have a 2 yr old that needs his pictures taken…n possibly 4 girls that get fall pics done every yr!! Let me know :o)

  2. You let me know! Lol. What I can do at this point mostly involves outdoor… I don’t have any fancy flash equipment yet for indoor ones! I know of a pretty cool bridge just outside of S Town I’d love to do a couple pics with, but it is still in use (if it’s still there!). David & I did some pics a few years ago there, but they didn’t turn out like I wanted them to (I had a crappy camera!).

  3. Annie Frazier Said:

    Hey that will work…I have seen your pics with Addy n the Pugs and they are GREAT! Plus, It’ll give ya practice on others! I’ll give ya my number and we’ll set something up. Lukus has a pretty good tan now, he just needs a hair cut…hehe

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