It’s nice to be nice..

My headline for this one came from Yo Gabba Gabba! When I was watching it with Addy earlier today, and it prompted me to think about this:

Okay, so you know the kind of person I’m talking about… the one who is generally nice to everyone? Opens doors for old folks even if their hands are full, gives someone change when they’re short in front of you at the register, and wants to help where they can.

I’m not gloating here, or bragging, I promise.

That’s me, a genuinely nice person. Need something I have? You can have it. Don’t have money for something you or your kids need? I try to help. Don’t get me wrong, I can also have a bit of temper but doesn’t everyone?

The point of this blog is basically to raise awareness for those of you who think you have to have money to help others… I’m as poor (or poorer) than the next person, especially with a little one!

I thought it would be fitting to share a couple of ways you can help, without spending much extra $$. First, we’ve all hear of the Ronald McDonald House that helps parents with children in Riley have a comfy place to stay.. They charge $10 or so a night, while the actual cost is about $75. How can we help? Collect pop-tabs from our cans and give them to Riley! My Grandmother Ida has been doing this for years, I remember as a kid she would always say, “Ashley don’t throw those away! Other kids need them!” On that note, my Grandma & Grandpa used to have Kim’s Koffee Kan.. in memory of my aunt (their 3 year old daughter) who was killed by a drunk driver. Grandpa always put his spare change in the can, and at Christmas time we would go shopping with it to buy gifts for other kids who didn’t have much. In my adult life, I adopt a child or two around Christmas and buy them gifts, clothes & the essentials (socks & underwear). Perhaps they are the ones who rooted me so deeply with a passion to help others.

Okay, I want to give you a couple more ideas before I ramble too much:

Save the box tops from participating products! They are worth 10¢ each for the school who turns them in! I don’t have kids in school, but always find someone else’s to donate them to!

Save plastic lids (like the ones from bottle water, milk jugs, etc) They help childhood cancer patients get 1 more minute of treatment.. I donate these to a lady at work who gives them to her church.

Sign up for a Target CHECKCARD.. It replaces your debit card, and you can donate 1% of your purchases to the school of your choice. Plus, you get members only benefits and discounts after so much $pending. It’s a checkcard, so it comes right out of your checking and there is no interest like a credit card!

Last but not least, RECYCLE! I’m not a tree hugger and by no means am I perfect but I sure want Miss Addy to have a clean, non-polluted world to live in! Did you know plastic isn’t actually recycled into plastic? Interesting, but true. Also, there’s a giant ‘hurricane’ of trash (mostly plastic) in the Atlantic swirling around and polluting our water! I learned those facts in my Oceanography class.


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  1. Ciara Said:

    My Grandma always collected pop tabs too! I don’t usually drink pop, but I’ll have to start saving them myself! These are great! Thanks for the info!

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