Just another day.

Ok, it’s Sunday and I have ALL my homework turned in EARLY, by at least 1 day. I’m working a HUGE 70 page paper with 3 other group mates, but other than that I’m almost done for the summer. In time for 1 week off, before I start again! Woo-hoo December 15th I’ll officially be the proud owner of a Bachelor’s degree (and a S&^# ton of student loan debt)! The end is very near. I never thought I’d make it, I’ve had a lot of milestones and grief while attempting to finish. Got married, lost my Grandpa, got divorced :(, had a baby, and lost my best friend and soul mate (another long, weird story but that’s how it goes), and many other things. Most people can’t do it without a job, let alone a full-time one. I made it, and would have probably never finished had I not promised my Grandpa I would not long before he passed away.

Now, I’m excited to announce I’ve been accepted into the Masters in Education program at IU East (my current school),  and should be teaching starting in the 2012 school year, with an internship starting in the 2011 school year. Teaching is where my heart is, and my goal has always been to teach by the time my first baby goes to Kindergarten. With a little more dedication I can do that too.

I had a small freak out yesterday, my professor said she didn’t receive a HUGE file I turned in last week and gave me a 0. Had the 0 stayed I would have gotten a C in the class, and would have cried for years. I’ve never had a C in my life! Luckily it was just her computer and I got all my points today.

***For those of you that haven’t observed, I’m trying to do a few photographs on the side. I’m looking for kids/newborns/babies/families and/or high school seniors. I’m offering a great deal to help build my portfolio and can do weekend or evening photos. Please let me know if you’d be interested!


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