What’s up with that?

I’m pretty stinking proud I’ll graduate in exactly 4 MONTHS! Yes, just 4! It’s been a long hard road & I have a ton of student loan debt, but I’ve made it. What really Erks me? People who are graduating when I do, and are in Senior level classes that have NO sense of English grammar AT ALL! Seriously there, their and they’re are 3 different words, with 3 different meanings and uses! If I wasn’t so embarrassed by it, I’d attach a sample of the ‘draft’ my fellow group member sent me.

What am I supposed to do? How the he&@ can I say nicely this is a piece of $h!t writing and I’m totally embarrassed to turn it in for my final project? Who knows. I’ll figure that out in the next hour before I send back my proofed copy. Perhaps re-writing the whole thing is hint enough? Remember, this is for the same class that my instructor told me I was putting too much work into my papers and he would get in trouble if mine was picked as part of the school audit because others are SO far behind me. Seriously? It’s not a community college. We’re talking $18,000 a year here. I expect to be fully developed at this point and sometimes feel I’m not doing well enough in my writing.

A couple of deals… See my Facebook page for my latest steals!


Turned this into a bit of personal blog too, guess I need 2 separate ones. Hmmmm


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