I saved a TON today!

I made 4 stops today. I saved a total of $164.50!

I’ll post some pics below. A few of the best finds are:

Walgreens: Free mouthwash courtesy of the coupon the printed at the register a few weeks ago when I bought Whitestrips. And 2 boxes of Ziploc bags for $3.38!

Meijer- (through Saturday) Free soup with the coupon you can print here http://www.campbellsoup.com/select.aspx They are on sale for 99¢, and the coupon is for $1/1.

4 boxes of Post cereal $2.50/ each- $2 off total (Meijer promo), and use $1/2 and $1.50/2 from Sunday’s paper. Makes them $5.50 for 4 boxes.

Some other mentionables I haven’t covered before. on www.Meijer.com there is a link to “Meijer Mealbox”, there you can print Meijer coupons and these can be combined with manufacturer coupons! I got Skippy Natural Peanut butter for 36¢ a jar today! 40¢ coupon from Sunday paper (doubles to 80¢, and 50¢ Meijer Mealbox coupon). Waahoo!

The best deals at Target were:

18 packs of flavored oatmeal (1 box) for $1.00

24¢ Dora the Explorer toothpaste (for kids)

$2 Dora the Explorer DVD ($3 off coupon at www.target.com)

Payless (Kroger):

39¢ Powerade. On sale for 89¢, and get $4 off when you buy 8 participating products

99¢ Pillsbury Sweet Moments. (Regularly #2.99). On sale for $1.99 – $1/1 coupon on www.coupons.com or from the Sunday paper.

Also, there was a good deal on feminine care products. Buy 1 U by Kotex (printable coupon available for them at www.kotex.com) Then, at checkout there was a free Playtex product coupon that printed, worth up to $5.

If there are any specific products you have questions about please let me know I’ll be glad to share the details. Most of these sales end Saturday with the exception of Kroger/Payless, which ends next Wednesday!

I would also like to add, I bought 4-5 items that weren’t on my list and I didn’t have coupons for accounting for about $17 of today’s total. Yo Gabba Gabba! Dinnerware for Addy since it was the ONLY one left, 2 bags of dog treats, and baby melts at Target.

**Also included but not pictured, 1 case of water!

Total I Spent today: S64.55, and saved $164.50



  1. Ciara Said:

    Feel free to totally do my shopping for me! Haha! I just do not have the coupon finding/bargain hunting talent down as well as you!!

  2. I could do that… but it takes enough time just for my shopping. Really I don’t go to buy a week’s worth of groceries. I buy like 2 months worth of whatever is on sale! Lol I was thinking I’d list assets as ‘groceries & household goods on hand’ if I were ever to fill out a financial statement. I probably have $2000 worth of stuff stocked up in 2 pantries and my cabinets! I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever move!

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