It’s Friday, but what’s that worth?

Another day without deals, mostly because I don’t have time to search or post them. Also because I’m not really in the ‘mood’ to share them. It’s been a rotten week (and it’s not over yet b/c I work tomorrow too) and there’s still another one ahead. Time to say what’s on my mind 🙂

It’s days like these I wish my Mom had decided to have more kids… I could really use a sister or even brother to help me out with my little one while I do homework. I love her to death, but with work, school, a house to take care of (not to mention my yard is like a jungle), couponing, my side job of hairbow making, and everything else I just can’t deal with it all. I know she doesn’t intend to be annoying or whiny but dang that girl is a CRY baby. She always wants to be on me and REFUSES to play with her toys, let alone by herself. Lesson learned. She will NOT be an only child.

On a lighter note, I see the light at the end of the assignment tunnel. I have 2 projects due on Sunday and if all goes well they will be done, just in time. Yeah, you could say I’m overwhelmed. I truly am. The one thing that is pushing me over the edge HAS to go, and it will.

Stay tuned for an announcement next week. Let’s hope for 2, 1 being I get all A’s, the other is still top-secret.

Hope you all have a great weekend, mine looks to be torture at this point. David & I both have to work tomorrow and Nana is keeping Addy in the morning (thank goodness!).
** When I get time I got some new craft things today to make. Hope to share a few things later this week!

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