Oh Monday, I loathe the…

Ok, the day started off with a ‘bang’. The shower head fell off and pelted me, and the clock in my bedroom was 10 mins slow. That lead me to believe I had more time to get ready than I really did, and ALMOST made me late to work.

So, I get to work and endure hours of that. Yes, endure. It was SUCH a nice day out, I’d SOOO rather be at the park with Addy!

Ok, so to say the very least I got 498/500 points on my business plan (awesome!). I go to look at why I lost 2 points. Get ready for this… my typeface was too ‘artsy’. Eh? Seriously, for a very creative business Calibri is unacceptable?? As my professor said, ‘unprofessional’. Ok, whatever. So the plan was 93 pages when finished.. and I lost another point for not being double spaced. Who wants to read 186 pages? I sure as hell don’t!

You know when you drive by someone who is outside and think to yourself ‘I bet they shop at Wal Mart, or at the very least are on peopleofwalmart.com?’ Yep, that was me today. Here I am with my iPod, shorts, flip flops, ponytail out mowing the steep hill of a yard I have. I MUST add, with a non-motorized mower. Seriously? Why didn’t I try this before?? Besides going in a non-pattern of lines, it was great. There was no worry of chopping a toe when the mower throws a rock at you, or it taking off and running over the little birds I often see in my yard. Now, I’m sure the sight of me man-handling the mower up and down the hill was enough, I know I’d have thought about me as a ‘Wal Mart person’ as I drove by. It’s okay to talk about people if it’s yourself, right?

That’s all I have for now.. have a great evening!!


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