PPM’s At It Again!!

I’ve been hiding for a couple of days… that’s because I’m trying to decide which hairbows to make next!

So, I’ve been searching for a freezer for months… not because mine doesn’t work- because I need more room to STOCK UP!!  So, I consulted my friend called Craigs List. I know, I know, creepy weirdos lurk there. Not this time, just one redneck in a jeep without bumpers. Super nice guy. I got a freezer (small one) that is less than 2 years old, with a warranty, for around $100. What a steal. I’ll save that in the next week, so it just paid for itself.

Oh oh! Pick me! I know, we can buy like 50 mac & cheese microwave dinners (my favs!!), bagel bites, and those YUMMY strawberries to freeze for winter when we can’t find fresh ones. I can hear the excitement in Addy’s voice. Lol

Okay, so I wanted to share that piece because I will be sharing some ‘freezer’ meals soon. I hope to cook up meals for those evenings when I just don’t feel like cooking. As most of you know by now, I will soon be staying home with Addy and that’ll be a new adventure for me. I’ve worked since June of 1999, without a break (other than a normal vacation). It’s time for me time, and Addy time. I plan on making a go of a couple of my hobbies to make some extra cash. Wanna learn more? Message me!

Oh, and on another note.. I want to make my bucket list. I think that would be AMAZING! First up, a tattoo. Yep, I wanna brave the pain and get a star since they are my favorite objects ON EARTH!

That’s all for tonight. ❤


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