A couple of quick deals.

Okay, I wanted to share a couple of good deals, because I know other Moms use the same things as I do =) I got more Powerade for 38¢ today (Kroger extended their sale another week!) You have to buy 8 participating (or 16, 24, 32) items in one transaction. I also got lunchables for $1.16 (I know, sometimes they’re $1!) but that’s a great price for right now considering I haven’t seen them for $1 in like 4 months. Addy loves the ones with mini crackers & mini cheese!

Another great, no AWESOME find: Dannon yogurt. All Dannon yougurt, $1.88. I got Activia, Light & Fit, and most important Dan-O-Nino (Ad’s FAV!) for just 88¢ per pack after my $1 off coupons. These usually range upwards of $2-$2.50.

This afternoon I had some ‘Mommy time’ which meant I had to be productive and lay off the computer. I made a new style of bow, thought up a couple more ideas, got my order ready for more supplies, and re-arranged my back room. It was overflowing with my Y2K stockpile. Nothing can now been seen by the naked eye! I even did inventory on Addy’s Fall/Winter clothes and decided she only needs a couple items. Mostly shoes, socks, and hair accessories!

Dinner tonight: DISASTER. It was tasty, but I dropped my entire plate with smashed garlic tomato sauce on the WHITE rug. Thank goodness Grace likes people food and helped me clean, but the rug is still stained. 😦 We had cheese ravioli, french bread, and corn. (Bananas too for Ad). It was tasty! Half homemade but who’s watching?

Have a great night, we’re off to the park to swing for a bit. The house is getting boring tonight!


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