It’s Monday, again?

Ok, today’s been a rather productive day. First of all, I have to say Addy was a PRINCESS today (besides dumping all 5 toy boxes in the floor) but hey, she doesn’t really know what cleaning up is! Tonight, I’ve dedicated 2 hours to couponing and setting up my Etsy page. Go check it out when you get a chance. I only have a couple of items right now, and that’s because they charge you to list them whether or not they sell.

I’m also busy working on my list of 100 things to do before I’m 100. Once I thought about it, I decided to make it 100 things in 1000 days. I need some life goals because really soon I’ll no longer have professional goals. If you haven’t heard, I’ll no longer be working this time next week!

Ok, to share a story about my shopping trip to Payless (Kroger) earlier. I overhear these two hillbillies looking at Pedialyte in the baby aisle, man says to woman, “That’s too expensive.” woman says to man, “We have vitamin water at home. That will work the same.” I think to myself OMG! Seriously?? I don’t drink the stuff regularly, but I do know several varieties have TONS of caffeine in them. And to think they’re giving it to a sick baby. I’m officially a Mom now, so I went up to them and said, “I can’t help to overhear your conversation. I’m not meaning to be nosey but am concerned. Do you know vitamin water often contains caffeine? The electrolytes are what Pedialyte is supposed to replace.” The nicely thanked me and grabbed the Kroger brand Pedialyte. Pheewwww. I feel like a hero.

I got 20 items at Payless for under $20 today while I was there. Each item regularly priced at or above $2.99. So, I saved over $40. $15 in coupons, the rest Plus Card savings. A couple of interesting finds: Swiss Cake Rolls for 88¢ (I know, they’re bad for you but I used to crave them when I was pregnant and thought I could use a nice relaxing moment of pulling the outside chocolate away from the cakes and munching away.) Activia desserts (a form of yogurt) 29¢ after coupon. It was on Manager’s Special for $1.29 and I used a $1 coupon I printed online earlier today.


Hefty One Zip Bags, just 50¢ a box. Normally $3.59. They are on sale 10/$10 this week, and with the $1/2 coupon I scored (also printed online) it was like BOGO! I got 4 boxes today and plan on stopping again in a few days for 4 more (once I get more coupons printed!).

Night all. I’m off to work on a couple new bow designs 🙂

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