A tribute to my best friend

Not only did I hear one song that reminded me of you Mr. Carter, I heard about twenty. I kept listening after the first two and have been tuned in since. It’s your way of telling us everything’s going to be okay. I don’t want to believe it and I won’t just yet.

Every time I see a semi truck I think of you, every time someone cuts me off I honk my horn at them and flip them off (for the record I haven’t done these types of things since Addy was born) but now, I do it all the time. You always told me, “Don’t take their s@*t and I’m not going to. Every time I go to the mall, I see something I would have otherwise called to tell you about. When I’m driving along and hear a loud truck I hit the power button on the radio, to have a ‘moment’ to think things over.

Just tonight, I was thinking about my first winter driving. You took me out in the middle of no where and told me to drive us home without sliding off the road. I still use those skills too. I’ve used duct tape 4 times this week (3 at work) to fix something “Adam Carter Style”. Oh, and need I mention the time you saved me from getting ran over by a race car. If it wasn’t for you that crazy ass would have taken me out. Instead, you threw yourself into the car to save me. I’m not sure if I ever said thank you, so I’ll do that now. Thank you!

The day Addy was born, I knew she was my dream come true. But can a dream come true if your best friend and the one person who ‘gets’ you is gone? I think not. Dreams aren’t written in stone so I guess I’ll have to keep on writing to make it right again.

You always said, “with age comes wisdom and someday you’ll be as wise as me.” Yep, you’re right again. I’m still not as old as you but I know age has an effect. I wish you were here so I could call you at 12:01 just like I always have. Well, for many years I woke you up, but its all the same. I’d scream the Happy Birthday song in your half asleep ears and you’d tell me thanks. It’s one of those traditions we’ve never broken: I’m always the first to tell you Happy Birthday and you’re always the first to tell me. The next 23 days will be tough for me, there’s a ton of sentimental value in it for the both of us and I won’t have you to share it with this year. I’ll keep on doing my thing, and you’ll keep on doing yours. I miss you, your advice, and the ‘little things’ I could always talk to you about.
Happy 28th pal, you’re almost an old man.
❤ Ashley

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