The little things..

You don’t have to tell me, I already know. My daughter is completely spoiled. I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, why have kids if you can’t give them everything they don’t need?
This toy.. cheap, doesn’t make noise and she LOVES it. Happiness is what counts with little ones.

This toy– I’ve searched high and low and was willing to pay $50 for one of these bad boys. Addy’s Nana has one at her house and she loves it. I finally found one today at a resale shop here in town. $3. She’ll love it for years and after a good once over with Clorox, it’s as good as new.

And this, is EXACTLY how Addy left her toybox when it was nap time today. Took her hairbow out, sat it on the floor next to her 2 favorite toys and followed me to her room for some Zzzzz’s. Okay, so my first day on this job isn’t that bad. What a relief! I was a bit nervous, but the rewards for this job are far better than any other job in the world.

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