A day in the life a of SAHM

Okay, I’m the first to admit I thought staying at home would be a piece of cake, even with a needy little girl. It’s most definitely not. Miss Addy has been SUPER well behaved since I’ve been home (aside from the normal curiosity of what’s in the next room of course).
This morning we went for a play date with Tiffany’s little ones who will be 1 on Saturday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brayden & Rylee!!). Addy had fun, they played together shared (if that’s what you call it) toys, sippy cups, and snacks. Ahhh to be a baby again. While the twins were taking a nap, Addy was watching Yo Gabba Gabba! on Nick Jr. She somehow manager to bump her head on their new toybox. Now she has a giant goose egg. She barely cried so I’m sure she’s fine. I never thought I’d be the one to let my baby bump her head for her first real injury.

That’s not it…

We have this giant lazy susan in our kitchen.. and when I was making dinner tonight she kept pushing it. (Remember, I’m never more than 4 feet from her) She put one arm and and around the lazy susan started to go… Thankfully I stopped it just in time to save another injury. A few months back I purchased some safety devices I hoped would work for it, but hadn’t put them on because I didn’t want spots left on the wood after we take them off. Before I did anything else, I got the straps stuck on both sides of the lazy susan and now it won’t move =) The next challenge, me figuring out how to open them!

It’s amazing all the little things babies do that you don’t see when you’re working. Addy’s been my little shadow all week and I absolutely love it! What’s in store for tomorrow? I want to get a hair cut in the morning, and we have an appointment with her therapist’s company in the afternoon. Oh, and homework if I ever get motivated!
Have a great evening!

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