Garage Sales- A way to save money?

Talk about an experience… We headed out this morning to check out some garage sales along state road 38. I figured since it was Friday I’d find better stuff. What was I looking for? A crib mattress for Addy’s bed at my Mom’s, outdoor play toys for Addy, and a DVD stand. What did I find? Haha a toy for Addy (not for outside) and an apple sign to re-decorate my dining room since my apple stuff didn’t come along with me when I moved a couple years back.

So, we stopped at one sale, an Amish farm. Very nice place, and so so-so. We stopped because David started screaming PUGS!!!! Were they Pugs?? Half. They were Puggles that looked just like Lucy with floppy ears!! So cute. As we were showing them to Addy about 10 Amish kids surrounded us. They were staring, but never said “Hi”. I don’t know what their customs are, but I thought they could speak to others… Anyhow they were SO sweet. The kids smiled, and were playing games together as we were leaving (WITHOUT a Puggle of course). The one little girl had the most beautiful face, and said ‘bye baby’ to Addy. Strange experience, but my first contact with someone from a totally different culture.

Next stop begins with me doing a quick U-turn because I spotted a giant green dinosaur toy I’d been looking for. I found it on eBay for upwards of $50… this one needs a little cleaning but is in great shape. If I didn’t think Addy NEEDS it, I would barter it back on eBay! I’ll post pics later once I clean it up (cobwebs and such mostly). What did I pay for it?? $2. Yep, a potential money-maker. But I’m going to hold onto it!


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