A little trip for lunch

Since Addy was little I always wanted to just go have lunch and wander our way back home. For many months she was FAR too cranky to do that. Today, we had a little lunch date with Qdoba. I haven’t been there in a while despite my Love for Qdoba cheese nachos. We set out with nothing to do and no plans for the afternoon. It was a nice relaxing way to spend the early afternoon.

We went to Noblesville and ate our lunch. I also found out Addy is pretty much over their Pico de Gallo and black beans which were her fav for quite some time. She had some s’mores goldfish and chicken in lieu of dinner.. and even sat on the patio with me in a big girl chair. Things like that make me love her even more ❤

So, after a scrumptious lunch, we headed home. I decided not to get back on the interstate and to instead take the scenic route! We saw a hot air balloon and took a ‘detour’ to see it. One of my favorite things since I was a little girl was looking at hot air balloons and blimps (which you never see around here). The simple things are often forgotten in the midst of every day life. Here are a couple:

I had sat out to find a new place for pictures in Noblesville but Google wouldn’t work on my phone =( We didn’t find the park but will Google before we leave home next time. The day ended with this sweet little face in the back seat.

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