Free (or nearly free) Sunday

Okay, so I went to Meijer last night and cashed in on some cheap stuff. Their sale ends on Saturday or I’d tell you to run over. I got strawberries for $1/package which is SUPER cheap.

Anyhow, I wanted to share 2 mention-worthy deals Meijer has in their new ad (good through next Sat!). First, Spaghetti O’s… 6/$3 (50¢ each). Go to and sign up to print coupons.. You can get 2 coupons for 50¢ off 2 cans which doubles (at Meijer) to $1. That means up to 4 free cans. Remember, each computer (NOT printer) can print 2 copies of each coupon. ** Another note- Meijer only doubles 2 identical coupons so if you have 4 you would have to do 2 in each transaction!
Next- I don’t know about you but I use soups in a lot of things I cook. Cream of Chicken, Mushroom, etc. Even cheddar cheese soup in some dishes =) These are on sale for $1 each this week. There is also a coupon on the site listed above for 50¢ off 2 condensed soups, and 50¢ off 2 great for cooking soups. Again, these double to $1 which means you will get 1 free can of soup! (or if you prefer, each can will be 50¢!) That’s a deal since it’s normally upwards of $1.50 per can. Time to stock up! Remember, only 2 coupons per transaction will double…

Okay, another deal I found (good through Wednesday!) Payless (Kroger) has Better Oats oatmeal on sale this week for $1/box. It’s 5 packages instead of 10 like Quaker but trust me this stuff is AWESOME! There is a coupon when you fan Better Oats on Facebook. Link here:

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