Such a sweetie!

A quick deal before it’s off on another subject! Huggies Pure & Natural cases were $15 something at Target today. If you are lucky enough to have both store & manu Q’s you are in luck!! That means a case for $10!!
Too bad Addy’s size was sold out =(

2 of the cutest things happened today! Addy was ‘singing’ with her therapist which was the CUTEST thing EVER! We got home a bit ago, and she kept going for my phone… so I let her have it to play with. She didn’t call 911 (this time!) but was holding it up to her ear and saying her new words, “got that”. Like she was really having her own little conversation. oh so sweet! I’m so glad I get to be at home to see all of the ‘little things’. I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

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