Finally, another thing off my ‘bucket list’

I was getting Addy in her PJ’s tonight… I took the tags off of the cute pink PJs with monkeys on them (monkeys are my FAV!) and started putting them on her. They were a ‘bit’ snug. So I squeezed her chunky legs into them. I began singing ‘Fat guy in a little coat’ (from Tommy Boy!) and dancing around. **No, I wasn’t calling my daughter fat.
Next thing I know Addy screams, “Fat guy itlle oat”. I tried to call Mom to share, but she was already sleeping. I went to put her to bed and she kept saying fat guy fat guy fat guy. It’s something new with her everyday and I just love her to pieces!

On another note:
I’ve said from the beginning of my couponing journey I WILL walk out of the store without paying a dime. Today, I did just that. I got 12 free items! Sure they were duplicates, but I can say I did it! What did I get for free? 4 packets of Ortega taco seasoning, and 8 cans of Spaghettios (no meat! ick!) I may never use them all, but I figured I might as well get them and if they are still here (along with my other stockpile of canned foods) this Winter when the Boy Scouts have their food drive with the USPS I will donate them! You just CAN’T go wrong with free food. Especially cans that kids love, and may need.
Night =)


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