Ugh, another challenge.

Ok, so by now most of you know I’m totally stoked about starting my Master’s degree in January..

Well, there’s been a wrench thrown into the mix. IU doesn’t offer ANY student loans for the particular program I will be in. So, if anyone has about $12,000 laying around to loan me, I’d be extra appreciative!

About that, how does ANYONE have that kind of cash to pay for their education? It’s impossible to work and go through the program with 15 extra tough credit hours, plus classroom time every semester.

On to the next note. My search this week has revealed a few other schools (that cost a few thousand MORE (of course)). I have came across:
Ball State (close, and the 2nd cheapest)
IUPUI (kind of a far commute & in rush hour)
Anderson University (extra expensive)
Taylor University (offered 100% online, and Taylor is EXTRA credible!)

The good news is they all offer student loans to students, and BSU is closer so I’ll save gas $$. The bad news- I’ll pay 1 1/2 times as much at the very least. I’m not really sure what to do now.. and I thought acceptance into the program would be the hard part!
My advisor told me: “Go back for your 2nd bachelor’s. There’s a TON of money to pay for that and you’d probably be able to go for free.” Seriously? I don’t want FREE. I want to pay for it, just not up front! I guess I have to seriously examine my options now. Ugh. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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