Clarification for the ‘nosey’ folks:

Okay, so I must say this first.
In case you care to know, all of Addy’s items I sell directly benefit her. Every single PENNY goes into her college fund. I even pay shipping out of my own pocket (not out of her $$). Therefore, I personally DO NOT benefit from the sale of her items. WIth that said, I would also like to point out I pay my own bills, David does not pay them. Hence the reason I am so frugal with my money. I only have so much saved, and that won’t go too far. I don’t have to stay in this house, I’d gladly go stay with my Mom, also eliminating my half of utilities..
Point taken? Good, it should be.

Onto another ‘funny’ story I can’t believe I forgot to post yesterday!! I got a phone call from American Funds, who wanted to do a phone interview. Some of the lady’s questions included:
*So you mean you don’t have a reference from the bank? WTF? I left on very good terms. Idiot.
*Do you have corporate accounts experience? (My response was, depends what you mean by corporate accounts!) Seriously lady? You are in charge of hiring people??
Needless to say, the woman was a total ditz and asked stupid questions.

Maybe I should take my resume off Career Builder so I don’t get bothered… I’m not really looking for full-time work, but I wouldn’t mind something part-time in Children’s Retail. Hmmmm….. maybe I should spend more time looking? I doubt it. I’d rather do what I love to do, be at home with my sweetheart.

On that note, Addy walked by herself yesterday while holding onto her blanket. 2 steps, but it still counts! Also, she took 1 step from the coffee table to the couch but took a dive and fell. Progress is happening!
That’s it for today =)


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