The end is in sight…

First of all, I’m writing this while watching an eBay auction, Grey’s Anatomy, and eating my chili. Grey’s is grossing me out right now, especially over dinner. For those of you who don’t know I am EXTREMELY squeamish! Things that are bloody gross me out. I BARELY made it through pregnancy because blood and guts were involved. ICKKKK.

Ok, on to the real reason I am writing this blog. I graduate from college in just over 2 months. Yep, that’s it. Just like that I am done! I received an exclusive invitation to the honor society (the one for business is Delta Mu Delta) today. I’m contemplating whether or not to join. After all I’m not a traditional college student and often times have other obligations with my princess Addy. I’m not sure what to do really.. although I would really like to get extra cords to wear at this graduation too. Decisions decisions.

On another note, have I mentioned lately that I HATE my financial management class? It totally sucks. It’s hard, and not well explained at all by my professor who doesn’t speak clear English unfortunately. I tuned in for a 2 hour webcast Sunday. I waited over 90 mins to get my answer which wasn’t even really an answer. Ugh. I hope I can get myself up to speed!

Grey’s is back from commercial and not as gross, which means I have to go!

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