Just another day

Okay, so I’m a bit peeved off I got less than an A on my financial management test. Mostly because it’s online and we’ve yet to receive any valuable input from our instructor. Remember the one I said didn’t speak very clear English? Yep, the same one. Every semester there’s that one instructor who doesn’t offer input and this semester it’s twice as hard because English isn’t her primary language. That would be okay if we didn’t have a HUGE language barrier when communicating with her.

I STILL love staying at home with Addy. I’m actually busier now than I was when I worked, and have been able to almost maintain the same income as before as well. (Minus lunch costs, daycare, and gas!). That means there haven’t been many sacrifices around here yet… the main one: no more salon hair care products. Yes, I’ve reverted to Tresemme and it’s not all that bad. Not my first choice, but I’ll live.

Sometimes I feel like our family is a million miles away… Like halfway across the world. When I have big exams to do, or other homework it would be nice to have someone close to watch Addy even if for only an hour. No one ever offers to help which is fine. But when I’m with her 24/7 sometimes a break is in order. Let’s recap the times Addy has spent the night away from me in 16 months: Ummm twice. Yep. 2 times. Once because I didn’t have anyone to watch her the next morning but my Mom, and the other time when Mom asked for her. I don’t want her to spend the night away from me but a while to myself on a weekend would be super nice. Even if I went to Panera to have dinner by myself!

Life goes on, and it’s almost time for me to make dinner.



  1. Ciara Said:

    Ashley- If you ever need me to watch Addy, I can help you out! I’m just right down the road, and Reaghan LOVES Addy!! 🙂 Just let me know. I’m willing to help you out.

    • Just saw this.. so kind of you to offer! =) I’m not far away either if you ever run out of sources for your little cutie. Perhaps we could trade services once in a while. Lol

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