Addy’s getting FOUR molars, at once.

Yes, she’s been SUPER DUPER moody this week. Let’s hope all the teeth get through so Mommy can have her sanity back! On a better note, she’s trying so hard to stand on her own and almost does it. Her right foot is doing better so she can balance now. Therapy will continue for at least 3 more months, but she is making progress =)

We went to the park for some photos earlier, and swinging of course (Addy’s favorite!). I can’t wait to put them on my computer so I can see how they turned out!

After that, we went to Payless for groceries. (No the shoe store!). We were in line to check out when I overheard a Mom telling her little boy (probably about 4) that he couldn’t have a candy bar. Her reason wasn’t because it’s bad for you, because we haven’t had dinner yet, or any other normal reason for a Mommy to tell her kid no. Her reason was this, and I quote “I’m not spending MY money on that junk. You will have to wait until tomorrow when we get our food stamps.” SERIOUSLY?? WTF is wrong with people? I don’t work, and am on a VERY STRICT budget, but my baby gets everything she wants and she doesn’t even know how to tell me she wants something! I reached into my purse and got out $1.50 and gave it to him. I said, “Here. This is MY money, and I want you to have it for YOUR candy bar.” And he said thank you! I don’t get it. Why have kids if you can’t get them everything they want, even if it is a candy bar YOU don’t want to pay for? Parenting is definitely a skill and so many people don’t have it.


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  1. Susan Bordelon Said:

    OMG! you took the words right out of my mouth!

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