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Cars & Coupons

The Escape’ is a decent car, really. But I’m destined for something WAY more amazing. Yes, I’m totally kicking myself in the @&$ for getting rid of my new & wonderful car last year. I should have known I can turn a penny into a dollar! A $500 check to gmac each month totally sucked. So now, here I am out the same amount of $ as it would have been to pay that one off completely. I was IN LOVE with Priscilla from the moment I met her, yes the car had a name. She was one sexy chick!

I’ve been pondering for 6 months now about buying a new car. I used to not hesitate! I’d go through 2, sometimes 3 cars a year and never think twice. Now, I’m much less spontaneous and have much less $$ as well.

So, the question is- go for something new, or stick with what I know is LOVELY? I like the VW Jettas, a lot. But, there’s the looming concern that I have to take it to a dealership if it needs major work. On the other hand, I found a nice used Torrent- JUST LIKE my old one! Minus the color. This one’s maroon (you know like for an old person), with black leather. My old one was white with black/tan leather. It was SUPER sexy. Seriously I miss that car everytime I get in Goldie (also named the Escape’).

Both are in my price range, and I know insurance was cheap on my Torrent. What the heck, it’s only cash right? I’ve looked online so far, but haven’t been to the dealership yet. I better get on that because at the price it’s listed at it may not last long. I’d be in HEAVEN if it also had XM- it’s not on the listing. Aside from that it has it all! Gahhhh now to make a purchase without a ‘coupon’. That’s the kicker.


First- updates on miss Addy!
She’s been standing on her own a TON the past 2 days. Her therapist says its a sign she’ll be walking in a couple more weeks. (Thank goodness, I don’t want to go to the neurologist!)
She says “CHOO” like she’s sneezing. So cute! Mim (My Mom) taught her. I caught it on video tape earlier too.
She now knows 4 different signs (yep, as in sign language) and uses them appropriately. She doesn’t say a lot of words- but does use her signs well!

Looks like therapy will be over in December, which is great but also freaks me out a bit… it’s kind of like a bike without training wheels. I honestly look forward to the therapist’s visits. She is an awesome person and so sweet!

I ordered a new camera lens today. Amazon promises it on my doorstep by 9 am tomorrow.. Let’s hope so because we’re heading out to the zoo around Noon tomorrow!

Right now, Addy is asleep on the rug. Her room is FAR too cold for her to sleep in. The vents don’t work. Until we can get that problem fixed in our own way, she’s in my room =)

I can’t wait to take her to the zoo tomorrow.. it’ll be her third visit. We have a ton to do, along with photos, so I’m sure she’ll be worn out! She’s never been on a carousel before and I hope that gets to be a first tomorrow!

Some couponing advice =)

It’s been a while since I’ve given GOOD couponing advice. Well, the basics of it. So, I’m going to start something new. Every week I will provide a blog entry of how to save money. Well, a new way each week.

This week’s entry is dedicated to blogs I follow. You can ‘like’ them on Facebook or subscribe via email. I do both. Most people miss the posts on FB unless you are on constantly.

The key to making the most of your money is shopping at various stores. I make 1 trip weekly to each of the following: Payless (Kroger), Meijer, and Target. Sometimes I stop by CVS or Walgreens too!!

With that said, here are my favorite blogs that give details of coupon matchups. That means what coupons are available and what is on sale at each store this week. Also, they often provide direction to where you can find coupons to pair with the sales!! Enjoy =)

My top 5:

Saving Cents With Sense


I rarely have dreams. Ever.

All I remembered when I woke up this morning: the dream about a GIANT lobster under my microwave stand. Oh, and mice. What a combination! Ciara, this was a dream like the one where you had birds for bullets. It was totally random. I haven’t seen mice, or lobster lately. I did see a squirrel get ran over yesterday- but he/she managed to scurry away and looked unharmed.

The combination of creeks of an old house and creepy sounds outside kept me up most of the night last night. I had some weird dreams and even weirder voices in my head. Go ahead and call me crazy if you want to.. They were all things my Mom had said to me recently. That in itself leaves me mostly freaked out. Those of you who don’t know yet, I am border-line terrified to leave my house because I am afraid I will be the next victim of a freak accident. Ever since my friend was so suddenly taken away, and all the news media keeps covering others who also die as a result of ‘weird’ or freak accidents and the car narrowly escaped my living room a few weeks ago- I have been a bit standoffish when it comes to leaving the house. And I’m NOT a homebody.

Now, I’m just tired & rambling so I’ll leave it at that and head to bed to TRY to get some sleep tonight sans lobsters & mice.

Love <3

After a 2 hour ‘mental health break’ this afternoon I can conclude my angel & I had a wonderful day! Tonight, we had her photos taken (again). YES, that’s 3 weekends in a ROW. What can I say- I LOVE PHOTOS!! Since I haven’t nailed down someone to take Addy’s photos for the next several years, for every season, we have been on the search for our ‘home’ photo place. AND…… I GOT A BARGAIN DEAL!! Of course. I paid $9 for 6 sheets of photos.. No complaints here. Mim went with us, so we got lots more.. but the basic pkg was very reasonable.

I don’t mind paying more for photos, because I expect wonderful work. I dressed my princess up in one of her new outfits that screams Fall, and made our way to the Picture People. The photographer was super nice & our photos were done before we left. Not the usual kind of place I go, but her work is very acceptable, and will due during Winter months when I cannot do Addy’s photos myself.

When we got home, we practiced walking! Fun, but still not doing it on her own. =( It’ll happen eventually and I can’t wait! There’s nothing cuter than a chunky, wobbly baby!

On another note- I feel kinda guilty about this but had to share. I dropped the income tax course I conveniently picked up as an ‘extra’. After a C on the exam I thought I got an A on I took it as my sign that tax returns are NOT my thing. Deductions, Exemptions, blah. It’s official now since it disappeared from my student center. I hated to do it, but I don’t need the class and really don’t have time to concentrate on something I’m not even remotely interested in. It’s nice to have less classes and more time with my love, Addy. That also means less stress, which is a great thing right now. Most days i feel stretched to the limit. I keep hoping that one day I’ll eventually be ‘better’ again.

It’s Friday- that means it’s time to work!

Weekends are when I do homework (sometimes), and photos for friends. This weekend I have all of my homework caught up, and have a family session tomorrow. I’m relatively new at operating my ‘new’ camera. I’m learning the ‘tricks’ of it, and have a new lens on it’s way! I can’t wait =)

I was a bit saddened earlier when I read the newspaper and saw one of my past customer’s houses was condemned. They always came in and smelled like cat pee. Seriously, it was soooo bad. Super sweet people- just smelly. Their cats were taken away and there house condemned. They are in my thoughts tonight because i hope they get a new home and aren’t left out in the cold.

I also wanted to share a deal I found on laundry goods. At Payless this week you can get Tide, Downy, or Bounce for $4.99 when you buy 2. I have $2 off coupons, so I’ll get a super deal! I mix regular liquid softener in my homemade stuff & always use 1/2 a dryer sheet to cut the static out!

Not a whole lot going on tonight other than being overwhelmed by my little ‘princess’ who didn’t let me go in the store to get a sweatshirt. So, if I’m frozen tomorrow while taking photos please thank her and her nasty little attitude.

Pumpkin Kinda Day.

First of all, I would like to say: this week has been the week from hell. Seriously. It started when I forgot to take a quiz, continued with a super cranky baby, a dog’s toe nail that was cut too short, then a sick baby. Addy scared the bajeezes out of me last night. I’m really not sure what was going on but the on call Dr told me to just keep an eye on her. I’m surprised we have never been to the ER yet. I get so scared sometimes. Since she was sick, she slept in bed with me, which was heaven. Although she doesn’t like to snuggle OR sit still.

Before you have kids, you don’t know if you are going to be a good parent or not. I had no worries until I had a baby of my own. Addy was born, and from the minute she was born that little girl has had problems. First her kidney problem, the 4 hours of agonizing pain I endured when she was born and just didn’t want to come out to see the world, then the late development issues. She has had them since about 6 months, and it worries me to death.. Not only that I feel like I’m not being a good Mommy because everyone else’s kids are walking, talking, even standing up on their own and Addy isn’t. To be honest, her need for more help was my main reason for making the final decision to stay at home instead of one of the other options.
This year I have had entirely too many things happen, much more than one person can easily deal with. On top of that, a very needy baby which has often made me feel like I am on the edge of a balanced life. I love Addy more than anyone or anything in the world. But somedays I simply feel like I can’t go on. I sure hope this feeling goes away soon because I don’t know how much longer I can hang on and keep everything together. I haven’t even been spending much time hunting deals lately- and that is something I love to do.
Here are a couple of pics from our adventure today:

Halloween must have came early in my neighborhood…

By now you probably know my washer is broken, again. I fixed it about 2 months ago then it broke again. So I fixed it about a month ago. It’s been working perfectly since then. Well about 4 days ago it took a turn for the worse… it WILL NOT work!

So I had to venture to the laundromat today to do my laundry. Talk about weirdos. Seriously, not one normal person in that place and it was packed! There was a guy that looked like he just crawled out from under a bridge, a lady who was taking up an ENTIRE row of washers, yes, 7! So, I was stuck with the 2 washers that are most expensive. $6 a load. Seriously, I am not kidding. Whatever. I hope my washer if fixed soon because I can’t stand to go back to that place and be stared at like I’m the freak. It was so uncomfortable! Since it’s about 3 houses down and across the street, I can come home while it’s washing and drying. Otherwise I’d go to the nicer one a few blocks away. Speaking of which, I have to go soon to pick up my dried goods!

Nothing Compares to You

The title of this blog is rhetoric to me.. and has a TON of meaning. Those were his last words to me, also the ending to every conversation. It’s not meant to be an ‘i love you’ or an ‘i miss you’, just something we always said. It keeps me thinking that one day happiness will again find me.

Life isn’t always what we want it to be, and I respect that. I never thought I’d lose my best friend to something so sudden or so tragic. I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who will relate to me in the same way. The entire relationship seems weird to some people I’m sure, it’s simple really. Sometimes there are people who care for each other but can’t live together. Sometimes we are young and naive and don’t know what to expect. Sometimes we do things that make things change.

It’s all based on a simple decision. We make them hundreds of times everyday, and once we do we can’t change them. I’d give one of my limbs to change his decision that day. Seriously, even my ability to walk. Anything. That’s what friends do. How do you ‘shop’ for friends? Does anyone know? I’ve recently reconnected with a few friends from school, etc but that isn’t enough. I need that interaction with someone who is intelligent, who ‘gets me’ and who can understand. I have to get this straightened out soon because I have a busy few months ahead of me with Grad school and all. I don’t want to forget or replace, I just want to be happy again. I can’t tell you the last day I woke up in a less than p’d off mood, or before 10 am.

Speaking of Grad school. It’s like 3 months away and I still haven’t nailed down which school I’m going to, nor have I finalized my Praxis scores. Those are my main 2 goals for the next month! After that, I will be focusing on finding a permanent home for Addy & I but that’s still a year or so out. By that I may or may not mean locating to another state. We’ll see where life takes us next!

Drama Drama Red Pajama

Okay, a weird title I know but I had to blog about this one…

Ever hear the book llama llama red pajama? Ok so I have recently joined several forums that buy/sell used clothing for less than what I normally pay. I LOVE the fact I can find items I am searching for, cheap clothes for Addy, etc. Some of you may be under the impression I spend a small fortune on clothes for Addy. Well, partially true. It’s only a small fortune because she has 60 or so outfits for any given season. One day I’ll post a pic of her clothing stash (once I get it all put away). Since the seasons have changed, it’s taken me time to get things organized.

Anyhow, back to small fortune: Ok, I use COUPONS on all clothes. You know those $10 cards you get in the mail sometimes from Kohl’s or JC Penney? That’s how I buy Addy PJ’s. After coupon I pay about $2 per pair, and end up with 10 or so pairs for each season. There are the ones I just CAN’T live without sometimes and I do pay full price. I buy 97% of her stuff at Gymboree or Crazy 8. Both mall stores. I know, starting her out with a shopping habit probably isn’t the greatest trait. Like I’ve said before if you can’t afford to give your babies the finer things in life, don’t have them! I don’t drive a fancy car or live in a fancy house, nor do I wear fancy clothes but Addy has a million toys and super cute clothes.

I challenge someone to take me on one day! I’ll buy an entire Gymboree outfit (3 pieces) for the price you spend at Kohl’s or Old Navy. Seriously, I can piece together some outfits for under $20, sometimes less if it’s only 2 pieces.

On to my real rant! About the pages I’ve encountered. The past few days it’s been nothing BUT drama! I almost want to create my own page for people to buy/sell on. I won’t because I don’t have time, but I thought about it. I truly appreciate everything the ladies in charge of all these pages do, and I know there are always bad apples. BUT, we are all grown women, so seriously drop the attitude and move on. Life isn’t always fair, and if you don’t like the page LEAVE. Please, so I have a better chance at getting items. Not really, just because I HATE DRAMA with a freaking passion.
Ok, I’m better. Now I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting the turnout of Addy & I’s photos taken today by the amazing Ravyn Stadick =) Here’s a link to her blog! Check out her work and be watching for our photos!!

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