Welcome Home Sunday

Tow trucks anyone?

Okay, so I’m sitting on the couch around midnight.. and I hear a SUPER loud series of booms. Within 5 seconds my thoughts are: OMG gunshots, OMG a car is hitting the 4-5 trees in front of my house, on a divided highway sort of road (no, it’s not a highway really but might as well be as fast as people drive), holy crap, did something hit my car, did a tree fall?. Then I brace for impact and grab the Pugs & am in the dining room. All in 5 seconds. Yes, I’m a quick thinker. Glad Addy is with Mom or it would’ve woke her up!

So, what was the obnoxiously loud sound? A drunk driver crashing into a series of trees right out front of my house. Seriously. David was asleep in the chair, so I called 911 & made him go out to check on them. 2 dudes who were visibly shaken & drunk. 1 took off on foot, the other not so lucky.

In the meantime the geniuses were trying to LIFT their car up to get away, so we wrote down their license plate number. Sorry, if you choose to drink & drive you should pay the consequences. I have lost far too many loved ones to alcohol and don’t want to lose myself, my baby, OR my Pugs, or anyone else for that matter.

Although it was comical to sit and watch the whole scene go down, it was also sad because not only was 1 life effected by this dude’s ill mannered choice, there are probably several. I guess the lesson to be learned here is not to drink & drive. Or, drink for that matter. Alcohol doesn’t make you have better judgement, and it doesn’t make you superman or superwoman.

I’m super thankful to have my little sweetheart Addy, and I have really missed her this evening. I can’t wait to hug & kiss her tomorrow!


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