Feeling inspired..

First, a DEAL!!
Beauty & the Beast comes out tomorrow.. $12.99 at selected stores & you can score a $10 coupon! Wooo hoo!!

Okay on to the next point: so my daughter is an EXACT image of me. Younger of course. She had a hoodie on today and kept pulling at the neck of it. I totally do that! I don’t wear anything with a collar or hood unless it buttons up. Good news is, her sweatshirt had some buttons. I kept wondering what she was doing because she was also doing a weird head tilt.. I couldn’t figure it out until she started pulling on it. Things like this, and how she rubs her fingers together when she’s sleepy or nervous (so do I and so did my Grandpa) make me love her even more.

I also love how she’s active when she sees something on TV. When they clap she claps and when they sing she sings. Oh how she just melts my heart!
In case you missed it, here are some of her latest photos, by me of course! Having a Mommy obsessed with her camera must be rough on a little one. 🙂


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