Fall is officially here!

I’ve made soup 3 times in the past week. So far: Chili, Chicken & Noodles, and Tomato Tortellini soup. All wonderful 🙂
Also, I’m totally stoked I can get Addy’s Fall/Winter wardrobe out. After all I’ve spent a total of 7 or 8 days being sure I have all the pieces for each outfit. Now, it’s time to search for SHOES since she will be walking soon, she will always be wearing shoes. I never knew how expensive it is for shoes to match every outfit. Seriously 32 pairs of size 5’s??? Yes, my daughter also loves shoes. Well, doesn’t love wearing them but loves picking them out– Just like her Mommy!

My point to this blog- the gas BILL. Seriously, every year I get bitchy and won’t turn the furnace back on. Why? I have no clue, especially this year. I’m on the gas budget, so my bill is always $87 or something like that.. But I still refuse to turn the furnace on. This house is always cold, and I don’t set it above 65 anyway. The space heater is my friend (when I have time to pay full attention to the combo of it & Addy!).

The Pugs have clothes on, Addy is dressed in layers, and I have my fuzzy pink blanket that is so worn out I should probably throw it away. It’s like 8 or 9 years old but was a gift from one of my special friends and is my comfort zone most days. Addy is just like me on that too, she LOVES her blankie. Now, I have to re-break her from the Summer blanket, and get her re-hooked on the Winter blanket. I also must find more of the winter blankets. Thanks to my great-aunt Ruth for getting the first one for a baby shower gift (My favorite gift btw!). We have 3, but 8 seems to be lacking some days. We leave them in the car, the play room, the dining room, and the living room. I love this time of year! Now, it’s Mommy time for some new sweaters!
=) Happy Thursday!


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