Life is but a coupon..

So, yesterday David & I were discussing the house I live in… and why I don’t live in a more expensive one.. I’ll admit it, when it comes to housing expenses I am CHEAP. My house isn’t the nicest one on the block, but it most definitely isn’t the worst either. It’s one of those in-between ones that no one probably notices when they drive by. With that being said, my house is probably not the one that ‘catches their eye’. .. Yes, I do live in semi-ghetto territory. If you keep to yourself it’s not all that bad, and by the time Addy goes to school I hope to live somewhere better!
David’s response…. ‘That house is like ONE BIG COUPON’ Seriously, it IS a big coupon. All I could do was laugh and agree. Rent is relatively cheap compared to what I’ve paid in the past, and it does have its problems. Ie.. the fireplace doesn’t work, the bathroom is barely big enough to turn around in, no central air, and most of the windows won’t open. But it is CHEAP and I keep it clean. That’s all that matters, right?

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