Drama Drama Red Pajama

Okay, a weird title I know but I had to blog about this one…

Ever hear the book llama llama red pajama? Ok so I have recently joined several forums that buy/sell used clothing for less than what I normally pay. I LOVE the fact I can find items I am searching for, cheap clothes for Addy, etc. Some of you may be under the impression I spend a small fortune on clothes for Addy. Well, partially true. It’s only a small fortune because she has 60 or so outfits for any given season. One day I’ll post a pic of her clothing stash (once I get it all put away). Since the seasons have changed, it’s taken me time to get things organized.

Anyhow, back to small fortune: Ok, I use COUPONS on all clothes. You know those $10 cards you get in the mail sometimes from Kohl’s or JC Penney? That’s how I buy Addy PJ’s. After coupon I pay about $2 per pair, and end up with 10 or so pairs for each season. There are the ones I just CAN’T live without sometimes and I do pay full price. I buy 97% of her stuff at Gymboree or Crazy 8. Both mall stores. I know, starting her out with a shopping habit probably isn’t the greatest trait. Like I’ve said before if you can’t afford to give your babies the finer things in life, don’t have them! I don’t drive a fancy car or live in a fancy house, nor do I wear fancy clothes but Addy has a million toys and super cute clothes.

I challenge someone to take me on one day! I’ll buy an entire Gymboree outfit (3 pieces) for the price you spend at Kohl’s or Old Navy. Seriously, I can piece together some outfits for under $20, sometimes less if it’s only 2 pieces.

On to my real rant! About the pages I’ve encountered. The past few days it’s been nothing BUT drama! I almost want to create my own page for people to buy/sell on. I won’t because I don’t have time, but I thought about it. I truly appreciate everything the ladies in charge of all these pages do, and I know there are always bad apples. BUT, we are all grown women, so seriously drop the attitude and move on. Life isn’t always fair, and if you don’t like the page LEAVE. Please, so I have a better chance at getting items. Not really, just because I HATE DRAMA with a freaking passion.
Ok, I’m better. Now I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting the turnout of Addy & I’s photos taken today by the amazing Ravyn Stadick =) Here’s a link to her blog! Check out her work and be watching for our photos!!

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