Halloween must have came early in my neighborhood…

By now you probably know my washer is broken, again. I fixed it about 2 months ago then it broke again. So I fixed it about a month ago. It’s been working perfectly since then. Well about 4 days ago it took a turn for the worse… it WILL NOT work!

So I had to venture to the laundromat today to do my laundry. Talk about weirdos. Seriously, not one normal person in that place and it was packed! There was a guy that looked like he just crawled out from under a bridge, a lady who was taking up an ENTIRE row of washers, yes, 7! So, I was stuck with the 2 washers that are most expensive. $6 a load. Seriously, I am not kidding. Whatever. I hope my washer if fixed soon because I can’t stand to go back to that place and be stared at like I’m the freak. It was so uncomfortable! Since it’s about 3 houses down and across the street, I can come home while it’s washing and drying. Otherwise I’d go to the nicer one a few blocks away. Speaking of which, I have to go soon to pick up my dried goods!

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