It’s Friday- that means it’s time to work!

Weekends are when I do homework (sometimes), and photos for friends. This weekend I have all of my homework caught up, and have a family session tomorrow. I’m relatively new at operating my ‘new’ camera. I’m learning the ‘tricks’ of it, and have a new lens on it’s way! I can’t wait =)

I was a bit saddened earlier when I read the newspaper and saw one of my past customer’s houses was condemned. They always came in and smelled like cat pee. Seriously, it was soooo bad. Super sweet people- just smelly. Their cats were taken away and there house condemned. They are in my thoughts tonight because i hope they get a new home and aren’t left out in the cold.

I also wanted to share a deal I found on laundry goods. At Payless this week you can get Tide, Downy, or Bounce for $4.99 when you buy 2. I have $2 off coupons, so I’ll get a super deal! I mix regular liquid softener in my homemade stuff & always use 1/2 a dryer sheet to cut the static out!

Not a whole lot going on tonight other than being overwhelmed by my little ‘princess’ who didn’t let me go in the store to get a sweatshirt. So, if I’m frozen tomorrow while taking photos please thank her and her nasty little attitude.

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