Love <3

After a 2 hour ‘mental health break’ this afternoon I can conclude my angel & I had a wonderful day! Tonight, we had her photos taken (again). YES, that’s 3 weekends in a ROW. What can I say- I LOVE PHOTOS!! Since I haven’t nailed down someone to take Addy’s photos for the next several years, for every season, we have been on the search for our ‘home’ photo place. AND…… I GOT A BARGAIN DEAL!! Of course. I paid $9 for 6 sheets of photos.. No complaints here. Mim went with us, so we got lots more.. but the basic pkg was very reasonable.

I don’t mind paying more for photos, because I expect wonderful work. I dressed my princess up in one of her new outfits that screams Fall, and made our way to the Picture People. The photographer was super nice & our photos were done before we left. Not the usual kind of place I go, but her work is very acceptable, and will due during Winter months when I cannot do Addy’s photos myself.

When we got home, we practiced walking! Fun, but still not doing it on her own. =( It’ll happen eventually and I can’t wait! There’s nothing cuter than a chunky, wobbly baby!

On another note- I feel kinda guilty about this but had to share. I dropped the income tax course I conveniently picked up as an ‘extra’. After a C on the exam I thought I got an A on I took it as my sign that tax returns are NOT my thing. Deductions, Exemptions, blah. It’s official now since it disappeared from my student center. I hated to do it, but I don’t need the class and really don’t have time to concentrate on something I’m not even remotely interested in. It’s nice to have less classes and more time with my love, Addy. That also means less stress, which is a great thing right now. Most days i feel stretched to the limit. I keep hoping that one day I’ll eventually be ‘better’ again.


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