I rarely have dreams. Ever.

All I remembered when I woke up this morning: the dream about a GIANT lobster under my microwave stand. Oh, and mice. What a combination! Ciara, this was a dream like the one where you had birds for bullets. It was totally random. I haven’t seen mice, or lobster lately. I did see a squirrel get ran over yesterday- but he/she managed to scurry away and looked unharmed.

The combination of creeks of an old house and creepy sounds outside kept me up most of the night last night. I had some weird dreams and even weirder voices in my head. Go ahead and call me crazy if you want to.. They were all things my Mom had said to me recently. That in itself leaves me mostly freaked out. Those of you who don’t know yet, I am border-line terrified to leave my house because I am afraid I will be the next victim of a freak accident. Ever since my friend was so suddenly taken away, and all the news media keeps covering others who also die as a result of ‘weird’ or freak accidents and the car narrowly escaped my living room a few weeks ago- I have been a bit standoffish when it comes to leaving the house. And I’m NOT a homebody.

Now, I’m just tired & rambling so I’ll leave it at that and head to bed to TRY to get some sleep tonight sans lobsters & mice.


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  1. Ciara Said:

    Ok that’s random and hilarious! I haven’t had any crazy weird dreams lately.. Maybe I passed them onto you!

    Ps. I’ve been dying to go to Edinburgh outlets.. We should go sometime soon!

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