First- updates on miss Addy!
She’s been standing on her own a TON the past 2 days. Her therapist says its a sign she’ll be walking in a couple more weeks. (Thank goodness, I don’t want to go to the neurologist!)
She says “CHOO” like she’s sneezing. So cute! Mim (My Mom) taught her. I caught it on video tape earlier too.
She now knows 4 different signs (yep, as in sign language) and uses them appropriately. She doesn’t say a lot of words- but does use her signs well!

Looks like therapy will be over in December, which is great but also freaks me out a bit… it’s kind of like a bike without training wheels. I honestly look forward to the therapist’s visits. She is an awesome person and so sweet!

I ordered a new camera lens today. Amazon promises it on my doorstep by 9 am tomorrow.. Let’s hope so because we’re heading out to the zoo around Noon tomorrow!

Right now, Addy is asleep on the rug. Her room is FAR too cold for her to sleep in. The vents don’t work. Until we can get that problem fixed in our own way, she’s in my room =)

I can’t wait to take her to the zoo tomorrow.. it’ll be her third visit. We have a ton to do, along with photos, so I’m sure she’ll be worn out! She’s never been on a carousel before and I hope that gets to be a first tomorrow!


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