Cars & Coupons

The Escape’ is a decent car, really. But I’m destined for something WAY more amazing. Yes, I’m totally kicking myself in the @&$ for getting rid of my new & wonderful car last year. I should have known I can turn a penny into a dollar! A $500 check to gmac each month totally sucked. So now, here I am out the same amount of $ as it would have been to pay that one off completely. I was IN LOVE with Priscilla from the moment I met her, yes the car had a name. She was one sexy chick!

I’ve been pondering for 6 months now about buying a new car. I used to not hesitate! I’d go through 2, sometimes 3 cars a year and never think twice. Now, I’m much less spontaneous and have much less $$ as well.

So, the question is- go for something new, or stick with what I know is LOVELY? I like the VW Jettas, a lot. But, there’s the looming concern that I have to take it to a dealership if it needs major work. On the other hand, I found a nice used Torrent- JUST LIKE my old one! Minus the color. This one’s maroon (you know like for an old person), with black leather. My old one was white with black/tan leather. It was SUPER sexy. Seriously I miss that car everytime I get in Goldie (also named the Escape’).

Both are in my price range, and I know insurance was cheap on my Torrent. What the heck, it’s only cash right? I’ve looked online so far, but haven’t been to the dealership yet. I better get on that because at the price it’s listed at it may not last long. I’d be in HEAVEN if it also had XM- it’s not on the listing. Aside from that it has it all! Gahhhh now to make a purchase without a ‘coupon’. That’s the kicker.

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