Unwritten territory?

First, I want to refer you to my facebook page for some awesome deals I’ve posted in the past few days. I have been limiting them to only super-awesome deals lately!!
Penny Pinching Mom

Today Miss Addy had her flu shot.. and she didn’t even cry!! Oh my goodness- my daughter is tougher than I am! After that, she was treated to Mc D’s nuggets & fries! She loved them 🙂 And, we went off to the park for a play date with our friend (and fellow blogger) Ciara & her little one Reaghan. Here’s my favorite poses from playtime:

On to the real reason behind this post:
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that someone you love shouldn’t be friends with someone you DON’T like? You know, like they are too close for comfort? I don’t know how to explain it really.. There aren’t many people I don’t like to be honest, but there are the select couple. We all have the ‘sort’ of people we don’t care for. Mine happens to be worthless people. Again, we all have our own definition of that too. Before I honk someone off, I’ll leave it at that!

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