Freebies/Weird dreams

First of all, I want to refer you to my PPM page on FB..!/pages/Anderson-IN/Penny-Pinching-Mom/127399410629003

There you will find a couple of very good deals I’ve recently found. The best- a freebie!! Yep, free Renuzit air fresheners. I use these in the diaper champ! Print 2 coupons per computer. Just follow the link on my PPM FB page!! Also, a great deal on TP. I’m about to order mine now!

Next, I thought I’d limit myself to one post today. I woke up last night SUPER freaked out! I’ve been having really weird dreams lately, but this one takes the cake. I lost all my teeth. They were falling out everywhere. Then, my Mom’s dog came along and ate one of them. Seriously?? So weird!! I’m a little weird about my teeth and was talking about a dentist appointment yesterday, so maybe that’s what triggered this one.

On another note- I got a new shiny car yesterday. And it was HALF funded by the money I saved from clipping coupons. Seriously. Over the past year I saved a TON with coupons!!
Here’s a pic of it (not as shiny as it is now but I don’t have anywhere to take my own pic at my house!) Maybe I will do that later!

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