It’s beginning to sound a lot like..

Christmas! yep, you heard me right. It’s so nice today! Despite me feeling ill, I think I’m going to try to find a way to put up my Christmas lights outside! I don’t think I am going to turn them on yet- but get them up before my hands turn to ice while doing so. Oh, and this weekend=Christmas tree time. HOPEFULLY Addy doesn’t try to climb it!

I’m needing some Mommy input! Here are the gifts I’ve gotten Addy so far. I want something super spectacular and I don’t think I’ve reached that yet. I was thinking a VW Beetle Power Wheels maybe? So cute!!
Her gifts:
A little lady but car thing for dolls
A Melissa & Doug wooden kitchen complete with:
A M&D pots & pans set, 5-8 food sets, and her very own cafe’ to go along with it. I know i know she needs a table and chairs but we’re going to be tight on space!
A ball pit- with 250 balls. YES 250 and I know I’m crazy!
2 Lalaloopsy dolls: Mittens Fluff n Stuff & Crumbs Sugar Cookie
A monkey pillow pet
A fisher price cash register
New shoes and more new shoes!
A buggy thing that she can ride on (non motorized) (I got it for her 1st bday but she wasn’t walking -still isnt)
A sit & spin (also bought like a year ago)
A giant bag of mega blocks
I know there are more toys in my closet but I can’t think of them!
I really want to make her a giant magnetic chalkboard but that’s slow going. I don’t know where to get the magnetic metal cut to size and I obviously don’t have a saw! I found the paint and frame.. so maybe that’ll be a good chore for my brother =) To go with that she got a set of wooden alphabet magnets to go with her other 2 sets on the fridge. I hope to hang this in her play area so she can draw till her heart’s content ❤


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