Coupon Tip of the Week!

Okay- I couldn’t pick just one. So this is a coupon tutorial!! Please read in its entirety!
Interesting Coupon Facts
*It takes people 20 minutes to an hour organizing their coupons for a shopping trip.
*Less people are inclined to use coupons these days compared to a few years ago, with less than 2% of coupons converted into money. But that can change with the whiff of a recession in our midst.
*With the right strategies, you can end up shave off 75% to 80% of your grocery bill. That translates to several hundred dollars a month of savings. On average, regular coupon users save 12% off their shopping bills.
*The higher your income, the more likely it is that you’ll use online coupons.
*At least 80% of people use coupons, but most don’t have a real system for using them.
*47% of coupons issued are for nonfood items, with the most common coupons issued for household cleaning products.
Successful coupon clippers are persistent, organized, systematic and very resourceful.
*The biggest complaint people have about coupons? The obvious beef about it being time-consuming to deal with.

Okay, so let’s address NOT having a system for coupons. I’m going to take you through my method- step by step! It’s easy. I promise! And once you get the hang of it you WILL be thankful!!

First, I start by collecting in-store ad’s for all the stores local to me. I look at: Meijer (online), CVS (comes in Sunday paper), Kroger (Payless here in Anderson) [I get this one in the mail on Wednesdays], Marsh (also comes in Wednesday’s mail) and Walgreens (comes in Sunday paper). OH I almost forgot!! My favorite: Target! (comes in my Sunday paper too). All of these can be viewed online. If you like to save paper, grab the online version! I used to until I subscribed to the Sunday paper ($4 a month and it comes with tons of coupons!).

So, you are following the blogs I mentioned in my earlier post- RIGHT? That’s the secret to success here. Those blogs do coupon match ups. is one of my favorites! On her site you can find almost every ad for this week (with the exception of Meijer).

Next, set out to the online coupon places:
and Facebook fan pages are starting to have TONS of coupons on the brand’s page. **HINT start a separate email (as I said in another post) and separate facebook account so you can easily track these sales. Otherwise your personal page becomes far too overwhelmed.

How to I organize my coupons? I use a little pocketbook coupon organizer I ordered on eBay for $5 with dividers (like the ones you would use in an index card box in the 90’s lol). I keep them there until I need them!

Then, when I am putting them together for my trip to the store I will move them to plain white envelopes marked as “meijer” “target” etc. I use 1 envelope for each store and put my matchups in there. I also make a list on an index card from the ad with prices and write what Q (coupon) to use next to that! I also put items on my index card I don’t have coupons for. I search the ads for the cheapest place for non-coupon items too. In October I saved $903 with coupons and/or rebates! I know you can do it too- it just takes about an hour a week of time to organize and shop.

November isn’t looking so good for me, I haven’t been in the mood to coupon as much unfortunately. But, I have gotten some awesome freebies!
Good luck and please feel free to email me or comment with any topics you would like featured in the future!!

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