You know the feeling, right?

In just a bit I’m going to write the coupon tip of the week blog. . as soon as I can think of one!!
But first- I have to get this off my chest. I have several ‘old friends’ who I seldom talk to. One of them talks to me when my number is mysteriously found. Well, that day is today. Since my friend isn’t frequently in my life is it wrong to say I don’t want to hang out? I don’t want Addy around a ton of new people. I like to keep her life pretty routine for both our sanity. When she’s around new people she often ends up in one of her over bearing mommy please don’t leave me moods. Right now, I honestly can’t deal with another day of that. It has been a rough week around here for both of us. She’s fighting another ear infection and me, well, I’m still struggling with losing my best friend. I don’t want to say I’m depressed but I’m definitely not my normal self. I’m not looking to replace him and I think that’s what this friend is trying to do. No one can ever be the same to me, even after I know them for 10 years.

The rain isn’t helping either. I really wish I could wake up to sunshine & birds singing every day. Maybe that would help.

On another note: I wanted to share these images from a recent photo session I had with my friend Annie & her family! Things like these always make me feel better. I know, it’s a work in progress- But I’m getting better (or so I think!)



  1. Terry Atkins Said:

    Ashley dry it up, terry atkins, pictures are nice

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