First of all- I hate to admit it but yesterday I stopped in Meijer when the chick from Olan mills tried to sell me something! I usually say hi to her, but don’t listen to the whole pitch. I did this time because I have seriously been lacking time away from baby talk! Well, today we had a fun time with our friends and an entire day out of the house!! First time all week other than grocery shopping. While the kiddos were playing- both of us mommies did not have our real cameras. So, this is what you get: a phone picture.

I must say- it was refreshing to be out of the house. AND I tried the southwest salad at Mc D’s today too. It was pretty tasty, I think I’ll get another one sometime. Oh, aside from the weird weed looking thing they call lettuce.

I also want to say I’m proud of my mommy friend Tiffany because she’s taken up couponing too!! She scored a TON of groceries, diapers, formula & such for a ton less than her normal bill for her family of 5 =) I’m telling you it’s easy aside from the time you spend searching the deals!! Stay tuned for next week’s tip and remember to check out the FB page to stay up to date on sales!
Something else on my mind: Grammatical errors erk me! Seriously if you don’t know how to use the words their, there, and they’re or too, to, and two- DONT USE THEM! Please. For my sanity’s sake.

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