Where’d November Go??

In just a few days it will be December. Normally I don’t like December and that’s because I think all of the holiday madness is ridiculous. This year, I happen to be in the holiday spirit. Even after everything that has happened this year, I am going to make it the best for Addy because I know this year will be a different experience from last year.
I have some exciting news to share! In 18 months, 3 days and somewhere around 8 hours my little princess FINALLY learned how to walk. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when she did it. With a little support and convincing from Mommy she took lots of steps and walked about 5 feet. I never knew I would be SO happy! Ok, maybe it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if she did it at a normal age like other kids! But, she took over a year and a half and 30 lbs is ALOT for me to carry!

I have 2 other subjects to discuss tonight:

First, have you ever stopped to think about technological advancements? As I was driving home tonight I was thinking about electricity and where it comes from- how it gets here.. etc. How old, outdated, and uncomfortable the airplanes must have been in the olden days when soldiers flew halfway across the globe to fight wars. How awesome it must have been in the 50’s when Johnny Cash debuted his new music that wasn’t like what anyone had heard before. It was just heavy on my mind tonight.

Lastly as I was coming home tonight and a state trooper followed me. I’m really torn if that was a good thing or a bad thing.. When he first turned I think it was just to follow me, but then I think it turned into something else. Since my car still has a paper plate- he had to shine his SUPER shiny light in my back window at the stop light to make sure it was legitimate. Then, after I came home and parked in my driveway he drove back by. In a sense it freaked me out, but in another sense it made me feel safe. I am always scared to walk in the house after dark- weird things have been happening in my neighborhood lately, and everywhere else too. A city officer would never even pay attention to weird people walking by, which was why I think the trooper turned back around. Then he sat down the road to make sure I made it in the house. The little things are the ones I appreciate most.


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