No. I’m still here.. just have been a bit busy with other things!! Mainly, I have been working on my application for the teaching program and finalizing all of the details that go along with it!

Aside from that, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past year and how horrible it has been. If my little princess didn’t have her first birthday this year I would be completely and totally FINE with deleting 2010 and pretending like it never happened. Seriously. I’m pretty sure her birthday (and upcoming graduation) are the ONLY two positive events that have happened.

I spent my life savings on what I thought was a new and better car, to find out it’s a piece of junk. It’s been in the shop more than I have driven it in the month I’ve had it. I sure hope this is an isolated issue because I don’t have a ton of money to waste getting the darn thing repaired all the time. Thank goodness I got it from a reputable dealership and they are taking care of the problem.

I hope to be back later this week with some more deals, etc. Until then don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook page if you haven’t already!


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