Things I ALWAYS get for free!

As promised- this week’s coupon-related blog post!

Man, I wish I was one of those deal seeking bloggers that got paid by advertisements! It’d definitely be more worth my time. I mean, I like sharing deals with others but it’s a huge commitment to blog every time I see a great deal.

Ok- so I wanted to share the things I always get for free and how (I have in the past) get them for FREE!

**First rule: These are ALL name brands, not store brands!

**Second rule: At Walgreens & Target you CAN use a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon ON THE SAME ITEM!!

**Third rule: Know your grounds. Learn the coupon scene and let the cashier know you know your ‘stuff’ if they question you.

**Fourth rule: Always follow the rules on the coupon. Don’t copy printed coupons (it’s actually ILLEGAL!), and use the coupon on the exact item listed or the retailer won’t get reimbursed by the manufacturer. If people abuse coupons- we’ll lose them and I don’t want that. I save so much money I’d need two jobs to make up for my loss.

Final note: in this post Q means coupon!! MQ is manufacturer’s SQ is store!

Toothbrushes: Not the fancy ones, just the simple every day Reach ones. I get them at Walgreens usually when they are on sale for $1 and I have a $1 Q. I usually print these Qs online somewhere. I always do a search and follow those blogs I keep mentioning to find online printables!!

Floss: Reach brand, also found at Walgreens with a MQ

Toothpaste: This one’s tricky! Sometimes I find it at Payless (Kroger) for those of you who are out-of-towners. Other times I get it at Meijer or Target. I found an awesome $1.50/1 printable the other day for colgate. I usually get Crest 3D white for close to free (it’s my splurge) but also get colgate or regular crest for free all the time! Wait for the P&G sale at Kroger where you get 50¢ off per item. Stack that with a MQ and a e-coupon (loaded onto your shoppers card online!)

Soup: No, not canned condensed kids soups either!! I get Campbell’s Chunky or Select Harvest usually. But I have also gotten Progresso soups for free. In my pantry I have about 50 cans right now. It’s good for up to 2 years, and I won’t have to buy more! I stacked MQ’s and SQ’s to score the Progresso. Just MQ’s for the campbell’s soups. Remember, Meijer & Kroger double 50¢ coupons up to $1. I got 2 cans tonight for 25¢, could have been less if I had printed Meijer SQ’s before I left.

Spaghettios: Yep- the kind without the weird meat! We also have about 50 cans of these in the pantry. I don’t eat it often but on occasion I do. If nothing else, I’ll donate it to the food pantry. The way I scored these: At both Kroger & Meijer- I had 50¢ off 2 cans MQ’s. I waited for back to school time when they were on sale for 50¢ per can, and the store doubled the coupons- making them FREE!!

Dishsoap: I always watch for $1 off coupons off dawn, joy, or gain dishsoap. I get the small bottles because they are the cheapest ones!! Last week at CVS I got 3 free bottles! I used MQ’s.

Laundry Soap (if I don’t make it!): I always get Clorox Greenworks for free! I find it on clearance at Meijer or Target and use $3 MQs stacked with $3 SQs.

Facial Cleanser: I find MQs in the Sunday paper on printables for Clean & Clear and I buy the trial size ones! If there are good coupons I order multiples online and cash in 3 or 4 items at time. I never use 10 of the same Qs in one transaction or the cashier gets moody with me.

Body Wash: Again, I collect MQs and use them! If I run out, I buy more Qs on ebay or at Last time I got Nivea for free. This time I got Olay! A great place to find these Qs is in the P&G brandsaver coupon insert in the Sunday Paper!

Baby Wipes: I also find these Qs in the Sunday Paper.. I wait for a $2 off MQ or a MQ that is for free wipes when you buy diapers.. I never pay for Huggies or Pampers wipes!


Deodorant: I use MQs and sometimes stack with SQs. I watch for deals, and never pay over $1 for it! Sometimes I get trial sizes for free too!

Paper Towels: I usually get these at CVS, the Bounty Basic 6 or 8 packs for under $3. I stack a MQ with a SQ!

TP: I order online from Amazon with Subscribe & Save! I save 30% plus get free shipping. Last time I got 24 rolls of Charmin for only $10.89 shipped

Batteries: Again, I order from Amazon! S&S and free ship! I paid $5.94 for 20 Duracells last time

Diapers: I also order from Amazon for these!! S&S again and free ship. PLUS I combine that with the coupon found in certain parenting magazines, or buy the coupon on ebay for a couple bucks! Also, sometimes I get them at Walgreens when they are on sale and have register rewards. I combine that with MQs for $3 diapers!

Dog Food: I buy Kibbles & Bits. Get it at Meijer and stack a MQ with a SQ- pay about $6 for a 22 lb bag! Usually about $12!

Skippy Peanut Butter & Chi Chi’s Salsa: I wait for a sale at Meijer ($1) and stock up then (Use coupons if I can!)

Another way I save is by contacting manufacturers I regularly buy from Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, etc. by calling the phone numbers on their packages. I tell them I love their products and ask if they have any coupons they could send me. 80% of the time I get free product coupons!

Same thing if I am unhappy with a product or if the can/bottle breaks before it’s all gone. I call and let them know and they usually replace the product with a free coupon (or two!).

As I think of more things I will add them or blog about them later. If you have any questions on the specifics let me know!

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