Its almost here!

Yep, Christmas is almost here…

I wanted to reflect on Christmas time. The past couple of years I’ve been a little spirit-lacking.Why? well for obvious reasons. This year, I’m not completely in the spirit but I did turn on Christmas music a couple of times so that counts, right?

I am SO excited for Addy to open her presents. Last year we still had some left to open into February!

My favorite part of this time of year? Adopting a child, elderly person, etc. Usually I get 2 or 3. This year, since I’m not working I don’t get to adopt anyone. I probably could have if I didn’t spend so much on Addy but I want to spoil her while I can. Okay, back to the point. So I have found some awesome coupons lately making toys free or nearly free! I have around 20 games to donate. I was looking for a toys for tots drop off, and saw the insurance agency just up the street had toys for tots drop off on their sign. So, tomorrow Addy & I will be going there to give our games.

Also, I will be gather a case of canned foods to donate. I get a ton of free veggies, soups, etc with coupons and I save them up. We are going to search out a food pantry here in town to drop those off!

The point of my post is- even if you don’t have a lot of money donate what you can. A little bit really helps families that can’t afford much because there are people out there with less than what [we have]. Sometimes its the little things that make someone’s day.

I know once I am a teacher (my hopes are to be in 2 years) I will have a hard time this time of year if there are children in my class who will be going without. It will be the toughest part of the job for me, and I am going to have to strategize how to overcome that.

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  1. Annie M Frazier Said:

    You are a good hearted person. You always put others before yourself. I’m sure you will figure out what to do if you have a student that is in need! Your kind heartedness is why I am proud to call you a friend!

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