I LOVE Free stuff!!

First- the blog has a new format!! Do you like it?

I saved far too much money today at Walgreens to NOT share!!
Check out this pic!

Walgreens Freebies!

I headed out to Walgreens this morning with only ONE coupon! I knew what I was looking for and I found it- wrapping paper! So I decided that I would skim the aisles for any other good deals while I was there.. their ads get a bit over bearing sometimes because they are SO cluttered!

This is what I got:
8 Vitamin Water Zero- 25¢ each (on sale!)
4 Wrapping paper BOGO ($1.99 for 2)
4 Tissue Paper 3/99¢ (on sale!)
2 Cans Pork & Beans (this is for a TOP SECRET baked bean recipe!!) on sale for $1
2 bags of chocolates– these just looked good (AND I paid $4 for just these 2 items!!)
Total: $9.56
–$2 Jingle cash I had left from last week
–$5 Jingle cash I earned today
Grand total out of pocket $2.56!! Basically I paid for ONE bag of candy and tax.

What is jingle cash? It’s Walgreens format of a register reward. This week you get $5 when you buy 6 or more hallmark items (wrapping paper and tissue paper!) and the FREE ones count towards that too!


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