2010 in a nutshell

Ok- first things first. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. 2010 has been one of the worst years ever. For me at least.

This year I have been forced to do something really hard: say goodbye to one of my best friends, who was also a big part of my life for 10 years. I said goodbye to my job and hello to my Bachelor’s degree.

The most positive thing that has happened this year: Miss Addy turned one and had a fun party.

I’ve spent about 4 months at home, and was able to see Miss Addy take her first steps. That, I would trade nothing for. Had I been working I would have missed it. I always wonder how stay at home Mom’s do it.. and now I am really questioning that. It’s time for me to go back to work. I’ve had fun being home but I also like to spend money- so I need to make some. Photography season is over and I am super sad I haven’t gotten a chance to work with any clients this month.

Banking isn’t for me. I liked certain portions of my job- but hated others. SO- my next venture= retail children’s clothing. Yep, I’m totally interested! Kids are totally my passion and ONE day I’ll be able to show how much kids really do mean to me. More of my own? I love Addy and am not sure I want her to have siblings at this point. One day I may change my mind but for now I’m satisfied with her being an only child. Besides, after all we’ve been through this year I’m not sure what our future holds.

I’ve wanted to move out of state for quite some time.. and just maybe I’ll have the chance very soon. Somewhere sunny and warm- but that also means hurricanes usually. Suggestions? We need something where the cost of living isn’t ridiculous.. I’ve always wanted to live in NYC but that isn’t feasible with a small child who has to go to daycare. 😦 I wouldn’t find anyone I could trust.

Tomorrow we have a couple of stops to make, and on Saturday I had planned on staying home like we did last year, but my Grandmothers want to see Addy so I will give in. Besides, my Great-Grandma will be out to visit, and I hope to get a 5 generation photo with Addy, my father, grandma, great grandma, and myself. Not many kids get to meet their great-great-grandma’s. I think it’s pretty special!

Don’t worry I will be blogging on Saturday or Sunday to fill you in on Addy’s reaction to the room full of gifts. I can’t wait to see the look on her face! Last year she screamed.. This year I think she will be excited, at least a little bit!

Look at this face : How can you NOT love her?



  1. grandma Said:

    this note is very nice it also told your feelings life it very hard at time but u will make this coming year better for u and addy i like what u sais about yhe 5 generations this will happen and addyson can have a picture of her grand parents i love u both so much and i am proud of u for your accpamest (mispled)

  2. Jessica Said:

    I think this is a great idea to go back to work at a childrens clothing store. I would love to go into clothing again one day.
    The new year is about to begin for fresh beginings. I think you are starting it off right on getting a new job and going back to college!!! I am not allowing to move some place sunny. Addy will not be happy with out Emma feeding her, hehe.
    Love ya.

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